There are few greater pleasures than to relax for an hour or two, in comfort, in good company, with a fine Cognac.

We are all familiar with the blends which, for many years, have formed the backbone of the Cognac industry, but now the time has come for cognac lovers to have an opportunity long enjoyed by whisky drinkers; to experience the true essence of Cognac, the diversity, the many unique and subtle flavours from some of the several hundred independent growers and distillers that we know of...

These wonderful Single Estate Cognacs are carefully nurtured over many years, by families who have learnt this art from previous generations, and who now devote their lives to producing the finest spirit that can be found anywhere in the world.

Now you have a choice; a choice to experience something different, a choice to taste the diversity of flavours that the French have, up until now, been keeping a closely guarded secret.

Drouet et Fils VSOP

Winner of the Silver Medal at the Concours Général de Paris in 2007, plus Gold in 2003, as well as another Silver Medal at Concours Cognac in 2006 it proves that the average aging of 10 years for the Eaux-de-Vie that go into the Drouet et Fils VSOP is worthwhile. The grower, Patrick Drouet, describes this Cognac as “in full bloom, with its vanilla aromas”.

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Guillon Painturaud Vieille Réserve

A limited edition Grande Champagne cognac of 20 years old; as with the other cognacs from Guillon Painturaud each bottling is made from one year’s production, with no blending of Eaux-de-Vie of different years as would usually happen, This gives these cognacs a unique character, more defined flavours than one would get with cognacs blended from different ages of Eaux-de-Vie.

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Cognac starts life as a ´thin, almost undrinkable white wine´, made from certain grape varieties from vineyards in the Cognac Region.  Although the wine is no good for drinking, it´s perfect for distillation - a process which must be done twice to produce a beautifully smooth spirit.


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Dupuy Extra

A blend of 95% Ugni Blanc with the other 5% made up from Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes.  This and its elder brother, the Hors d’Age, come in a bottle which is exclusive to Dupuy, and designed specifically for their oldest Cognacs. Each is also boxed to reflect the reverence with which these fine Cognacs should be treated.

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Paul Beau Hors d´Age

Paul Beau's Hors d'Age is the most decorated cognac that we know of. It has won 5 Gold Medals at Concours Général de Paris since 2000, plus numerous medals at the IWSC. This year, 2009, Paul Beau was awarded a special prize in Paris for the consistency of their products. An exceptional cognac, with plenty of “rancio” flavour.

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The Cognac Region

The Cognac Region is made up of six adjacent areas or cru that provide the various different names or appellation. The region can be thought of as a series of concentric circles where the centre has the best soil and this gradually reduces in quality as one moves away to the outer circles. The higher quality soil found in the central regions will create superior Cognacs than to those from the outlying regions, however they require longer ageing to reach their potential.


Michel Forgeron Heritage

A blend of cognacs over sixty years old, Michel Forgeron Heritage is bottled at its natural strength of 50% ABV and exhibits a sublime Reddish-Amber colour, with an intense shine and Cooper glints.

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ABOUT US has been established to promote and distribute Single Estate Cognacs into the UK and beyond. Our mission is to introduce and promote these pearls of the distillers' art to as wide an audience as possible, and in due course to return to their growers additional benefit to encourage and reward their independence.

We are independent of all the growers and distributors, we are independent of the large Cognac houses; we believe in independence for the small niche grower, in order to retain the individuality of their product, the difference which makes it unique, the difference which makes it of huge interest to the discerning drinker. Vive l'Indépendance!

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