Dupuy Extra
Fine Champagne Blended Cognac
Dupuy Extra

A blend of 95% Ugni Blanc with the other 5% made up from Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes.  This and its elder brother, the Hors d’Age, come in a bottle which is exclusive to Dupuy, and designed specifically for their oldest Cognacs. Each is also boxed to reflect the reverence with which these fine Cognacs should be treated.

Buy Dupuy Extra - 70.0 cl, with Wooden Gift Box

Tasting Notes

The nose is dry with the regular notes of old leather and pine. The taste is initially a little burst of fruit then a long, long dryness in the mouth which is very distinctive and not at all unpleasant. The aftertaste too is long, with a dryness; almost like a hint of pepper, very flavoursome and completely different from its siblings.


The judges at the 2009 International Wine and Spirits Competition said of the Extra - "Lively nose with dried fruit, toffee and some tropical tones. The palate is complete and mellow with well developed flavours. Hints of chocolate and ripe grape. Beautifully constructed and great balance. Rich but well behaved. Fine, long finish."

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